About Us

Babb's Coffee House is truly unique both in the coffee and the atmosphere. Live music & poetry readings are played with the Seattle skyline as a backdrop.

From the accent lamps to the artwork, Babb's Coffee House creates a fun relaxing atmosphere to chill with friends relax on your own or impress business clients.

Our coffee is roasted & air lifted fresh every week from Seattle to give you a smooth consistent taste every time. The syrups are all natural with no preservatives.

Over 25 selections of Market Spice Teas including herbal tea shipped fresh from Seattle. Add fresh bagels, muffins, fruits, soups, croissant sandwiches & gourmet desserts and you truly have A Taste Of Seattle!

The Legend of the Dancing Goats

Coffee was first discovered in what is now called Ethiopia. According to legend, the area's Remote highlands were home to a goatherd named Kaldi.

One day he noticed his goats dancing and prancing after eating the small, red fruit of a nearby shrub. Not wishing to be left out of the fun, Kaldi ate the coffee cherries and soon he was dancing with his goats!

Try Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters award winning Dancing

Goats® blend, or better yet, order a bag of it from Babb's online store.